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Here at the Natural Farrier, we are dedicated to bringing you the latest, and most up-to-date natural hoof care information available to owners and farrier's. We try to bring you the most holistic approach to hoof care without bias or any anti-shoe sentiments.  We are simply here to help people learn how to get a better hoof, now.


Get a better hoof NOW!  

Shannon Carner, DEP, APF  is a practicing equine podiatrist. My goal is to give you an easy to navigate, user friendly website to help answer your tough hoof questions.“If you don’t think your horses hooves look good, you’re probably right.”

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Equisocks Natural Hoof Wear

Available in 10 colors and 3 sizes!

Replace a loose shoe, transition your horse to barefoot or secure a hoof Crack!One roll does one hoof and lasts up to 4 weeks! Not affected by mud, water or light riding!Like a boot but better

Equisocks are easy to apply-          Just add water!

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