Animalintex Poultice Pad

The MUST HAVE for abscesses and hoof wounds!

  • BETTER than Epsom  Salts
  • Your MUST HAVE for hoof wounds!
  • Just add water, the NO MESS easy abscess treatment.
  • Place in boot, or bandage and tape over coronary band.
  • Usually overnight results for abscesses

Did you know?

Abscess facts:

  •  A horse suffering from recent laminitis or founder attack is very likely to suffer from abscesses due to tissue death.
  •  Epsom salts will make chronic abscesses worse! Do you have a horse with reoccurring abscesses? Epsom salts only draws some of the infection out before the salt dries the exit wound, keeping some of the infection inside. If your horse has frequent abscesses, this may be the cause!
  • Do NOT give bute! Bute is will cause the abscess to reabsorb- causing a reoccurrence later. Ask your vet about another pain relieving medication, such as aspirin.
  • Do NOT dig. Using Animalintex pads ends the need to dig into live, healthy tissues looking for the site of infection. Since the pad softens the hoof and coronary band, it speeds recovery without causing further damage.
  • Animalintex works because it contains natural ingredients that work  to draw out the infection, without drying the hoof.
  • Animalintex pads are large enough to wrap around the sole and over the coronary band- softening the area and allowing the abscess to determine its own exit point.
  • Animalintex pads keep the hoof moist, and when used in conjunction with Hoof Rx Therapeutic pads, give incredibly fast results!

Treating Abscesses Naturally

Abscesses come on as sudden lameness. Your horse will usually be reluctant to stand on the affected foot. You may feel heat, and a stronger than usual digital pulse (if this appears in both front feet, call your vet immediately- this may be founder or laminitis). There may even be swelling in the affected leg. To help your horse feel better, try these tips:

The must have Abscess kit:

Animalintex Directions

  1. Place Animalintex pad in clean, shallow container- plastic backing should be on top.
  2. Pour hot water around edge of container, until pad is saturated.
  3. Gently squeeze out excess water.
  4. Place pad against affected hoof -plastic backing facing away.
  5. Allow pad to cover sole and bring it up over the coronary band.
  6. Use vet wrap or duct tape to secure poultice.
  7. Place Hoof Rx Therapeutic pad against poultice and place into a soaking boot, or large baby diaper. The Hoof Rx Therapeutic pad acts as a cushioning therapeutic memory foam. The gentle pressure encourages the abscess to burst, but gives the horse relief and cushion.
  8. Movement will speed recovery. Allow your horse turnout if possible in a small corral- walking stimulates the abscess to burst.
  9. Change poultice every 12 hours.
  10. Once abscess bursts, soak  hoof for 30 minutes in ¼ bottle of Clean Trax diluted with 1 quart of water. The Clean Trax will clean the drainage track, while killing any infection.

         Following these tips will ensure the fastest abscess recovery without every having your horses sole invaded.

A draining abscess at the toe with NO digging!