Equisocks 2 Pack

Everything you need for 2 hooves!

2 Pack Prices

  • 1.5 inch $30.00
  • 2 inch $32.00
  • 3 inch $34.00
  • 4 inch $36.00

Equisocks 4 Pack

What Are Equisocks?

  • Equisocks look like Vetwrap but when dipped in water, it activates a special resin that hardens in about a minute, you simply ‘wrap and ride’.
  • Anyone can apply-farrier's, vets or owners!
  • Equisocks form a ‘boot’ on your horses foot that lasts up to 4 weeks!
  • They are GREAT for transitioning your horse to barefoot.
  • Keep one on hand, quickly replaces a lost or loose shoe until the farrier comes.
  • Depending on the size you choose, Equisocks can cover the entire bottom of the hoof to support sore footed horses.
  • Great for laminitis or navicular recovery.
  • Equisocks speed hoof growth.
  • They help secure hoof cracks until it can grow out.
  • Equisocks can be nailed just like hoof wall- apply and nail a shoe to the wrap to keep nails OUT of your horses foot and on the wrap. Will last as long as 6 weeks!
  • Equisocks come in 10 colors!
  • The Equisocks hoof glue comes off with the sock, and will not damage hoof wall!
  • Equisocks anchors are surgical stainless steel, and usually grow out with the Equisock, pulling free as the sock is removed. When used as directed, they will not damage to the hoof wall!
  • A MUST HAVE on the trail. Instantly provides protection to save a loose shoe or help a sore foot.
  • Once applied, Equisocks are not affected by water, your horse can be turned out as usual.
  • Any pad typically used under a horseshoe can be used under Equisocks.
  • The Equisocks weave is anti microbial, and will not damage hoof wall.

What size do I need?

  • 1.5 inch is best for mini’s or very small ponies.
  • 2 inch is good for small feet, or for a horse that only needs a little protection. Covers about 1 inch of sole. Also a good size to nail a shoe onto.
  • 3 inch is an average size. Covers more of the sole, and is good for using with a pad- such as our Thrush Pack or Equipack.
  • 4 inch is great for larger horses, and gives the most protection- covering the entire bottom of the sole. Also a good size to have on  hand to secure a loose shoe.

What others are saying about Equisocks:

Thanks to Equisocks I was able to ride my horse this weekend. He won 5 classes out of 6, only to lose the 6th one because of a rub. Her amazing Equisocks saved the weekend for us. My horse lost two hind shoes on Friday and I just through on the Equisocks and off we went to the shows. Mary Svalstedt, Buckingham Equestrian Center,  Buckingham VA

Once again, I'd like to thank you (and the Equisocks) for helping fix my horse's feet. We did 3 rounds back-to-back of Equisocks since he was quite sore barefoot and had hoof wall that was very weak.

He lost his last set of Equisocks about 5 weeks ago. The pair i bought from you is still in the package because... right now, his feet are JUST NOW (5 weeks later) starting to deteriorate. His soles are higher and the hoof wall seems stronger (thanks to excellent nutrition and a great trim I had a few weeks ago, too!)

Without the Equisocks, this would have been a much longer process and much more painful for him. I'm very thankful for your product and how its helped my horse. Paddy & I thank you very much

These Equisocks are great!!!! They last 6 weeks on my 17.3 hand, 2000 pound Shire. He used to constantly step on the back or inside of his front shoes which pulled the shoe off and would take some of the hoof wall off as well. No more of that with these on .Thank you very much, Barbara Hughes

Help for a foundered pony:

The Equisocks worked wonders for this little guy! He is doing amazing! Thank you so much for everything.

Carly H

The wraps seem to have cured my horse of a mental condition, for now ..... he had injured his foot last fall but still favored it..... after x-rays and soaking we put the wraps on him..... after 3 times, he finally has forgotten the injury..... I hope..... maybe until cold weather sets in..... I have the last set of wraps still available should he revert back to old habits.....  but for now, Bob Bedsaul is holding off putting the last set of wraps to see what he will do....

I wanted to let you know so that you wouldn’t wonder what was going on..... however, I will stay in touch for future reference..... GREAT product  MaryjaneEdwards, North Carolina

I just wanted to let you know that this stuff is AMAZING! I got it on him and it hardened in 5 minutes, just like it said it would, and has been on perfectly for 3 days! Since we didn't do an actual eBay transaction that I could give you positive feedback for, I wanted to let you know personally how great it worked, and I'll be ordering more soon. My mom is impressed too and will likely be ordering from you too :) Thanks again!



I wanted to follow up with you about my horse.  I had the Equisocks on for 3 weeks, and right after I put them on, he was sound.  My farrier came out this week. He kept saying "Wow" and "I didn't expect his feet to look this good after we pulled the shoes!! I can't believe it!"

His hoof walls became much stronger and It appears to me that his soles are still pretty soft, and not as shallow as they used to be. I should have taken a picture of them, and I will over the weekend and send it to you. My horse doesn't appear sore after getting a trim, but I want to keep him on the right path,. My farrier uses your Equisocks also,. I also trust your advice and your products, and want the best for my horse.

I have appreciated your help and advice very much

Thank you so very much! Stefanie

  • Everything you need to Apply 2 Equisocks
  • Impression Pad
  • 4 Anchors
  • 2 Equisocks

               In your choice of Colors:

                Hot Pink


                Dark Blue

                Light Blue