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       Welcome to the Natural Farrier store. Every product we offer is tested by hundreds of horses in my practice and by other natural Farrier's around the world. We strive to keep up-to-date on the latest in natural hoof care products. Visit the links provided in the product description to learn more.

  100% Safe and natural thrush treatments.

Everything you need to apply 4 Equisocks!

2 inch kit Starting at $75.00 any color!

Equisock 4 Pack

Equisock 2 pack

Everything you need to apply 2 Equisocks!

2 Inch kit starting at $30.00

Equisock Single

Always have a spare on hand!

2 inch single starting at $15.00

Heavy Duty Soaking Bags

$15.00 Pair

Men’s and Women’s low rise chaps

Any  Color $135

Farrier Flow Chaps

The Rasp Wrangler

Animalintex Pads

Large 8x16 Pad fits any size hoof!

      $10.00 Each

Therapeutic Pads

$20.00 Pair


     $20.00 Each