White line disease (aka, seedy toe) is the reason for about 80-90% of cracks I see in hooves. It is not a disease, and usually doesn't even affect the white line. It is an infection that gets between the horn tubules of the inner and outer wall. It is a combination of bacteria and fungus that digests the cells responsible for bonding the hoof wall together. When this occurs, you will start to see flaking where the wall is separating from itself, or cracking.

     Cracks usually occur at the toe, and may look like a small black hole as pictured above. If left untreated, the infection climbs up the foot, causing a crack that won’t grow out until the bacteria is killed.

    The bacteria and fungus in most hoof infections is anaerobic (needs a dark, airless environment) Covering ANY hoof infection with hoof dressings, especially WLD, will make it worse!

This is the same hoof as above-notice how the infection at the toe is also causing this crack.

Does your horse have a crack that won’t grow out no matter what your farrier does?Are you dealing with ‘dry’ flaky feet? Does your horse have thin walls that just won’t hold a shoe? It may be White Line Disease!

End of the line for White Line Disease

Clean Trax Equisock Single

100% Natural Hoof Rx Spray

Kills bacteria and fungus in 10 seconds! $20.00 for 32 oz

Clean Trax is Safe and Effective on Thrush and White Line! 1 bottle treats 4 hooves. $25.00

Equisocks help hold that tough crack in place as the hoof grows! Easy to apply yourself! $15.00






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    I like to follow up the Clean Trax soak with a topical treatment of Hoof Rx. Hoof Rx is also all natural, and it helps harden the hoof while keeping any new infection from attacking the hoof.

    Hoof Rx is an all natural blend of Colloidal Silver and Citric Acid, the citric acid tricks' the cells into taking it in as food, while the bonded colloidal silver attacks the cell DNA and keeps it from reproducing. It kills fungus and bacteria in less than 10 seconds. The best part? It's 100% safe for you, your horse, and the environment.

    If  you have a very large crack you’re trying to stabilize, applying Equisocks after the Clean Trax soak is an excellent idea. Here is a severe case of White Line Disease in which I used Equisocks in conjunction with Clean Trax and Hoof Rx spray.

Kachina Before

Kachina’s Equisock with

Equipack CS Gel insert

Kachina After

     I kept Kachina in Equisocks medicated with Equipack CS to keep her hoof free of infection as it healed. I got about 1 inch of hoof growth every four weeks- this is her foot in less than 6 months.

     In any case of infection, always remember natural is best. The hoof has the innate ability to heal itself, as long as we don’t interfere by putting toxic chemicals onto the foot! By using bleach, formaldehyde, or any other toxin, we are simply killing healthy tissues of the foot and giving the bacteria more to feed on.


Tips to Remember:

  • If you can’t touch it, neither should your horse.
  • Treat deep infections with a hoof soak- such as Clean Trax
  • For light cracks and chips use Hoof Rx
  • Hoof dressings and hardeners- even medicated ones- seal in the bacteria!
  • ‘Dry’ looking hooves are usually infected hooves.

“If you don’t think your horses hooves look good, you’re probably right!”

             Shannon Carner

           “The Natural Farrier”  

White Line Disease Before and After

Treated with Clean Trax and Hoof Rx

Hoof Rx

Click here for Clean Trax

The first step in ending the battle of white line is to treat it with a non-necrotizing hoof treatment, such as Clean Trax and/or Hoof Rx.

    Clean Trax is my first choice for deep infections because it is a hoof soak instead of a topical medication. Clean Trax is absorbed into the hoof wall and is able to penetrate the cracks killing the infection at its source.


Cruiser in his Equi-Soak Soaking Boot

White Line Disease

How  to recognize it and STOP it before it goes too far!

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